Our services


Our tax specialists provide tailor made advice to companies, business owners and individuals. By understanding your needs and objectives we can provide the most appropriate tax advice:

Tax Consulting

  • Tax Planning;
  • Tax Consulting in International (International Tax);
  • Corporate Taxes;
  • Organizational tax Diagnostics;
  • Revision of accessory tax liabilities (DIPJ, FCONT, SPED, ECF, among others);
  • Tax Consulting for Individuals, inclluding Expatriates;
  • Transfer Pricing Advisory e Compliance;
  • Preparation and Review of Tax Reports (USGAAP);
  • Indentification and Calculation of Tax Credits;
  • Administration of Litigation and Injunctions;
  • Tax Revision;
  • Corporate Tax Management (TAX BPO);
  • Manual of Fiscal Routines and Procedures;
  • Opnion on Tax MAtters;
  • Advice to Clients and lawyers Banks Regarding the Quantitative Aspects of Tax Impositions

Labor and Social Security Consulting

  • Assistance in the Sustentability Strategy;
  • Identification and Collection of Labor and Social Security Claims ;
  • Labor and Social Security Consulting;
  • Revision of Accessory Obligations (MANAD, E-SOCIAL, among others).