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PKF Brazil is a company that seems to be your preferred choice for auditing, tax and business consulting. It is part of PKF International which is one of the most respected audit and consulting networks in the world. PKF is present in 150 countries, with over 500 offices, employs more than 21 thousand employees and is one of the largest in the segment. The company in Brazil is formed by specialists-entrepreneurs with different skills that, together, add value to your business. We combine our knowledge of the local region, international perspective and understanding of the performance markets to create a simple and practical approach..

We work with teams formed predominantly by seniors with an emphasis on understanding the needs of our clients and delivering assertive solutions.

We focus on the specialized service for each of our services Audit & amp; Assurance, Tax Consulting, Corporate Finance, Restructuring, Transaction Sevices, BPO, Valuation, Operational Turnaround, Financial Consulting and Internal Controls.