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Audit & Assurance

Services like audit and financial reporting give your business the stability you need to effectively manage and achieve your goals:


  • Audit of Financial Statements;
  • Risk Management and Internal Controls;
  • Limited Reviews;
  • Proviously Agreed Procedures;
  • Accouting Consulting;
  • Special Services;
  • Risk Consulting – Provention of Money Laudering;
  • Technical Opinions;
  • Forensic Accounting.


  • Implemetation of IFRS and IPSAS;
  • Preparation of financial statements and reports according to the standards of CPC / IFRS, IPSAS and USGAPPImplementation of IFRS and IPSAS;
  • Identification and Analysis of complex issues
  • Business Development Support;
  • Assistance in preparing and reviewing acounting polices;
  • Assistance in the Definition and Review of Acconting Procedures.

Risks and Compliace

  • Acconting Reports;
  • Corporate Risk Management (ERM);
  • Internal Controls;
  • Internal Audit; e
  • Sarbanes Oxley (SOX);


  • Assistence in the Sustentability Strategy;
  • Preparing Reports;
  • Police and Rules